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Tuffy Eldridge in Chitins Redemption
The 2 Disc Set - 1 DVD & 1 CD

<=== screen grabs from the DVD

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Expected shipping date is May 2nd

YES Tuffy is getting paid on this!!! Support your national TUFFY!

TheDVD has 13 Songs plenty of 'banter' and 'tuning talk' plus audience participation - The video quality is very good due to the nature of the source material and DVD format it will look best on a smaller screen

The CD is the music mastered from the direct recording from the sound board and is clean and crisp

Customer service:  Ivan - 479 244 7112


The Tuffy We all love!

The above clip was shot from the audience with my pocket camera - The DVD has been created from two different Full Hi-Def Cameras - visual and sound quality on the DVD are far better than this YouTube video. Order today!